Here is a good setup step-by-step tutorial list for preparing for the Human values subjects for engineering students and other streams.

  1. Need for Value education in Human values
  2. Self Exploration in Human values
  3. Basic Aspirations of Human Beings
  4. Right Understanding and Relationship and Physical Facilities
  5. Understanding Happiness and Prosperity Correctly
  6. Understanding and living in Harmony at various levels
  7. Understanding Harmony in Human beings
  8. Difference between sukh and suvidha
  9. Needs of Human
  10. Understanding the Needs of Self and Body
  11. Understanding the Human Being as the Coexistence of Self and Body
  12. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  13. Understanding the Body as an Instrument of I
  14. Basic Human Activities
  15. Correct Appraisal of Physical Needs
  16. Sanyam and Swasthya in Human values
  17. Programs to Ensure Sanyam and Swasthya
  18. Understanding Harmony in Family and Society
  19. Harmony in Family
  20. Values in Humans - Human Relations
  21. Dimensions of Trust in Human values
  22. Trust and Respect as the Foundational Value of Relationships
  23. Difference Between Intention and Competence
  24. Respect - respect means individuality
  25. Understanding the Harmony in the Society
  26. Factors for fear in Human values
  27. Sah Astitva means Human values
  28. Visualizing a universal harmonious order in society
  29. Problems of differentiation
  30. Universal Human Order
  31. Comprehensive Human Goal
  32. Holistic Perception of Harmony At all levels of existence
  33. Natural Characteristics of Human Order
  34. Four orders of nature
  35. Harmony in the Nature and Existence
  36. Interconnectedness and Mutual Fulfillment among the four orders of nature
  37. Recyclability and self-regulation in Nature
  38. Innateness in the four orders of nature
  39. Differences and similarities between animal order and human order
  40. Natural characteristics
  41. Holistic Perception of Harmony at All Levels of Existence
  42. Natural Acceptance of Human values
  43. The definitiveness of Ethical Human Conduct
  44. The basis for Humanistic Education
  45. Importance of Education
  46. Humanistic Universal Order in Human values
  47. Humanistic Constitution in Human value
  48. Competence in Professional Ethics
  49. Technology Management
  50. Case studies of typical holistic technologies
  51. Operations Management in Human values
  52. Universal Human Order in Human values